We pride ourselves on having an extremely large variety of all types and brands of cigarettes. If we don't carry the brand you want, don't worry! We special order those hard to find brands for you!

Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes:
From disposable to reusable, we carry a wide selection of devices to fit your vaping preference, as well as a huge variety of quality flavors. Our flavors and devices are tested by our Vape Masters to ensure that each vaping product we stock meets our standards and that you will be satisfied. Not familiar with vaping? Stop in your local store today and our staff will be happy to assist you with any and all questions you may have.

Roll Your Own (RYO):
You can get a pack of cigarettes for only $1. Don't believe us? Stop in your local store today to find out about Roll Your Own. We offer a huge selection of tobacco, as well as manual and automatic 'roll your own' machines, that allow you to roll your own pack of cigarettes in no time!

Every location has a humidor with a variety of premium cigars of all sizes for your preference.

Other Tobacco Products:
We also carry a great selection of chew, snuff, snus and little cigars. Each of these products is available in a variety of your favorite brands.

From lighters to pipes and cases, we offer all of the accessories needed for whatever tobacco product you prefer.

We not only offer low priced tobacco, but we also offer drinks and caffeinated products at everyday low prices. Compare to other stores and save!

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